Bank Building

For Now, Please send your financial information and contact through Hermosa Beach Marketing. Discounts are not our business. Gold certificates is our business. We have gold certificates available for treasury deposits per gold mine owners and associated consortiums. We are always here for small microloan companies in 3rd world countries. The world is a beautiful place to live.


Ed Theodore Sparks – We Build Banks. Venture Capital for Bank Building. We Deliver Gold Certificates.

A Projects Humana Partner Forever. Del Mar, California Corporation. Registered. Registration Valid.

A Legacy Financial Commodities Corporation Now Registered in the United States.


Ed Theodore Sparks is a Registered Junior Agent & Junior Legal Spokesperson of a Consortium of Gold Mine Owners. Sent and Present at all Signings – A Tendered Representative of Gold Certificates.


Text Reads Ed Theodore Sparks Private Client Wealth Generation


First Contracted Venture Capital in 2007 through Arthur D Sparks & Associates, Incorporated. FL Registered & Retired after 35 Years.

“Sports team sales, 501c3 funds, Venture developments, Casinos, First responder invention loans, Virtual intellectual properties, Funds for professional fighters.”

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